Via Panoramica

High above the valley from Casaccia to Soglio - Thé hike of Bergell

The panorama walk through Bergell shows you everything that makes this valley so beautiful on a single walk. We start in a typical alpine environment, but during the day we see the pine trees make way for lush chestnut trees and behind each turn a new view reveals itself, the one even more beautiful than the other.

We often walk in the pleasant shade of forests, but every time there are open spaces that allow us a glimpse of the valley and the mountains. As small as the villages in the valley look like, so big seem the granite giants on the other side, with sounding names like La Fiamma, Piz Badile and Piz Cengalo.

The final goal of the day is Soglio, which was voted the most beautiful village in Switzerland a few years ago. Rightly so! It is a picturesque place that inspired (and still does) many artists.