Lägh da Cavloc

A smuggling adventure to an idyllic mountain lake - Familyhike from Maloja

Nowadays people walk for recreation through the mountains. But once the mountains around Maloja were the domain of smugglers. They transported coffee, salt and tobacco over the Murettopas to and from Italy. On this trip we follow the old smuggling paths to Lägh da Cavloc, a mountain lake perfect for swimming.

We gather at 10am at Maloja Orden. In one and a half hours we follow the smuggling path to Lägh da Bitabergh, which offers lots of exciting smuggling activities for children. From Lägh da Bitabergh we continue our way slightly up to Lägh da Cavloc.

Beautifully situated between high mountains and fragrant alpine pine trees, this lake invites you for a swim. We have a nice long lunch break of one and a half hours and then walk back to Maloja in an hour. At the lake there is the opportunity to buy something to eat and drink, and also to visit a mountain goat farm (with delicious fresh goat’s cheese!).