Tour Bregaglia

5-day trekking, hotel stays, including luggage transport

A five-day trek through and around one of the most beautiful valleys in Switzerland, Val Bregaglia, also known as Bergell. What makes Bergell so special is the variety of typical Swiss alpine landscapes and Mediterranean atmospheres. On top of that the history of the Septimerpass, the views on imposing granite peaks and a visit of the picturesque Soglio, you’ll have a tour that’s hard to beat in terms of beauty.

The Tour Bregaglia is offered every month from July to October with guaranteed departure, other dates are possible on request. The price is based on half-board and two-person rooms.

Day 1 - Bivio - Septimer - Casaccia
550m  850m  12km  6h

The timber line is not far above us and the mountain air is fresh. Our first goal today is the Septimer (2310 m.), A pass that was already used by the Romans as a link between Italy and northern Europe. At the pass we have lunch and we take a last look back at the north. Because then it goes straight down, following thousands of years old trails, into Bergell, our home for the next four days. We stay the night at Hotel Stampa in Casaccia.

Day 2 - Casaccia - Soglio - Castasegna
500m  1250m  17km  7h

Today we take the Panoramaweg to Soglio, a relatively flat route that follows the contours high above the valley and offering stunning views. We see the landscape slowly changing from an alpine environment to more Mediterranean atmospheres. And the closer we get to Soglio, the more impressive the mountains become. We end the day with the descent to Castasegna, where the largest wild chestnut forest in Europe is located.

Day 3 - Castasegna - Stampa - Casaccia
750m  350m  12km  6h

Bergell is not only known for its beautiful nature, but also for its rich culture and art history. Our walk begins today with a visit to the picturesque Bondo, then we walk via museum Palazzo Castelmur and Stampa, birthplace of Alberto Giacometti, to Vicosoprano. From there it goes again slightly upwards through Roticcio, to our now familiar Hotel Stampa in Casaccia.

Day 4 - Casaccia - Lägh da Cavloc - Maloja
1000m  650m  12km  7h

From Casaccia we take a relatively steep trail up to Motta Salacina and the Val Caval pass (2136 m). But the effort is amply rewarded: we get the see infinitely raspberry bushes, which will be wearing plenty of fruit in August. From the pass we descend down to the Lägh da Cavloc, an idyllic mountain lake, where we enjoy a well-deserved break. Afterwards we walk to Maloja where we will stay in Sporthotel Maloja.

Day 5 - Maloja - Pass Lunghin - Bivio
850m  900m  13km  7h

From Maloja we first walk northwards to Plan di Zoch, where we bend to the west and follow the Inn (yes, the one from Innsbruck) until we reach it's source, Lägh Lunghin (2464 m.). From there we rise another half hour to the Lunghin Pass, the only place in Europe where the water flows in three directions (Mediterranean, North Sea and Black Sea). We have a last look back at Bergell and then begin our gradual descent back to Bivio, where we will celebrate the end of a wonderful tour with a shared drink in Hotel Solaria.